Employment Lawyers restricted to wrongful dismissal litigation
          Employment Lawyers restricted to wrongful dismissal litigation





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Employment Lawyers restricted to wrongful dismissal litigation
Employment Lawyers restricted to wrongful dismissal litigation

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"Work  is one of the most fundamental aspects in a person's life, providing the individual with a means of financial support and, as importantly, a contributory role in society.  A person's employment is an essential component of his or her sense of identity, self-worth and emotional well-being."

-- Chief Justice Dickson, in Reference re: Public Service Employee Relations Act (Alberta), [1987] 1 S.C.R. 313 (Supreme Court of Canada),
at page 368.



The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.

"Experienced in both courtroom litigation and streetwise settlement negotiation, Toronto attorneys provide aggressive fixed-fee representation of wrongfully-dismissed employees for maximum fair severance pay."

Du Markowitz LLP - Labour & Employment Lawyers

Aggressive Representation
When you fall, don’t get up empty-handed.

Wrongfully-dismissed himself, Toronto lawyer Howard Markowitz (B.Com. Juris Doctor) recalls his own anger, uncertainty, and frustration at employer's unlawful withholding of fair severance pay.

Streetwise Experience
Winners develop a habit of doing the things that losers don’t like to do.

Now recognized as one of "Toronto's leading employment law firms" by Lexpert/Thomson/Reuters news - partners Stephen Du (C.A., LL.B.) and Howard Markowitz (B.Com., Juris Doctor) restrict their employment law practice specifically to maximum fair termination pay recovery for the wrongfully dismissed. 

Prosecutor of more than 3000+ lawsuits, this is our third decade providing aggressive fixed-fee representation of wrongfully dismissed employees for maximum fair severance pay.

Preferred by lawyers, this firm has expanded to assist more wrongfully dismissed employees with new/novel lawsuits - particularly in the areas of alleged misconduct, theft, fraud, against larger corporations, banks, law firms, and government - which we'll then prosecute through trial (if necessary) at no upfront cost.

In September 2017, two-thirds of the Canadian National Journal of Human Resource Management's "notable cases" were personally litigated by Howard Markowitz himself - including leading cases in the area of probationary rights and Employment Standards Act termination agreements.

High-Value Results
Those who say something can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it.

Unlike most lawyers - this firm restricts its employment practice to fair termination pay recovery in Ontario. 

It's because we guarantee all cases to trial – not just cherry-picking the easy winners - that we're a dangerous threat to employers' counsel who know we're locked in through the end, regardless of how major or minor the claim.

Our restricted practice allows for higher-value/fixed-fee caps in advance, and therefore no surprise billings on resolution of your case.

Employers therefore know that if we've got your file, you have (1) a legitimate case, (2) heading to trial if necessary, and (3) regardless of client's financial resources.  

There's no greater compliment we've received than being asked by judges to represent their family members, and retained by lawyers to represent them against their former law firms.

As a result, we can guarantee higher-value/fixed-fee caps on all files accepted, no surprise billings on resolution of your file, our professionalism most recently cited by Toronto Superior Court file number CV-09-372651, page 6, May 25, 2010 Reasons for Judgment below: 

"The client was kept apprised of the status of the proceedings throughout, and was provided with explanations and information on the legal process... Mr. Markowitz first contacted the former employer with a detailed demand letter, in which rather than merely making a demand for compensation for wrongful dismissal, he cited a number of legal precedents in support of the client's position. He followed up with a detailed Statement of Claim, and a comprehensive Affidavit of Documents; he prepared written interrogatories of the defendant corporation; he attended Examinations for Discovery; he addressed undertakings and refusals; he participated in mediation; and he negotiated a settlement which, on the evidence, appears to have been very attractive for the client. The exchange of correspondence and e-mails demonstrate that the solicitor put considerable thought into this matter... This was, on the evidence, an excellent result for the client." 

-- Richard Ittleman, Registrar of the Toronto Superior Court



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"Experienced in both courtroom litigation and streetwise settlement negotiation,
Du Markowitz attorneys provide aggressive  fixed-fee representation of wrongfully
dismissed employees
for maximum fair severance compensation."


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